More Festivals!

We hit the ground running on Labor Day Weekend with the Broad Humor Film Festival in Venice, CA, and have screened at a new festival every month since!

In September we headed to the Revolution Me Film Festival in Brooklyn, NY. We were inspired by emerging filmmakers, filmmakers of color and WOMEN! Our time in NY was overflowing with art, fashion, films, new friends and converted Couch Potatoes.

And fresh off our Latino Film Festival screening this October in Coachella, CA, we are in awe of the hundreds upon thousands of Latinos creating art that moves, art that makes us laugh and art that transcends race and ethnicity and just exists as great storytelling.

Next up on November 3rd, we’ll be heading to San Francisco to screen season 2 of Couch Potato Chronicles. We are thrilled to be back in San Francisco to sample the food, the culture and the cinema.

6th annual Pictoclik Film Festival

Stay tuned for more festival updates and photos!!!

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Broad Humor Film Festival 2018

Great News! Couch Potato Chronicles Season 2 will be screening at the Broad Humor Film Festival 2018 in Venice, CA. Tickets go on sale August 5th HERE. Thanks to the Festival Committee for choosing us as an Official Selection!
Pictured above: Christopher Rivas, Lainnie Felán, Elena Campbell-Martínez and Alejandro Patiño.

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Four Latinas and A Getaway

Last Fall, I acted in the USC Short Film Four Latinas Walk into a Restaurant.  Written and Directed by fellow Mexican-American David Aguilar, Four Latinas re-imagines a situation from early 2017, in which a waiter was fired after asking for ‘proof of residency’ from Latinas at an upscale Huntington Beach eatery. This short examines discrimination, the rich diversity within the Latino community and the powerful bonds that hold family together. I can’t wait for you to see it, but till then, check out graphics and screenshots from the film:

This Spring, I acted in another USC Short Film One Way Getaway, written and directed by fiercely Latina Anabel Iñigo. One Way Getaway is an empowering musical that follows travel agent Alana DeRuiz, as she realizes that she needs to let go of her Ex and take a trip across the world alone. It was a joyful experience to be a part of this project from beginning to end! Check out photos from set below!

Thanks to David Aguilar, Anabel Iñigo and the tireless and talented students who are making waves at USC Cinematic Arts!

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Couch Potato Chronicles Season 2

The Cruz Family is back!

In Couch Potato Chronicles Season 2, we dive deeper into Zuraya Cruz’ obsession with TV, we get a closer glimpse into what caused the apocalypse, we explore how the family survives in the expansive forest, with surprises awaiting at every corner!

Making this season and bringing the Cruz family back to streaming devices was a team effort! I’m especially grateful to have worked with Director Annique Arredondo, Director of Photography Kenneth Pulgar-Vidal, Editor Amanda N. Adams and sensational cast members Elena Campbell-Martínez, Christopher Rivas and Alejandro Patiño.

I hope you watch Couch Potato Chronicles Season 2 and enjoy our Labor of Love, Familia and Television Obsession!

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Upcoming Film Festivals

I’m excited to announce we have been selected to screen at four film festivals and landed two semi-finalist spots as well!
Last month, we screened at Pictoclik: Latinas in Cinema in San Francisco, CA on June 23rd.

Up next, we’ll be at the Revolution Me Film Festival in Brooklyn, NY on August 20th.

Labor Day Weekend, we’ll be at the Broad Humor Film Festival on September 3rd at Electric Lodge Performing Arts Center in Venice, CA.

On September 10th, we’ll be at New Filmmakers Los Angeles at The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences – Pickford Center in the Linwood Dunn Theatre in Hollywood.

I’m forever grateful to everyone involved in helping to make this project happen!

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