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Couch Potato Chronicles: What’s Next?

I love the trend of post-apocalyptic survivalist shows right now. The stakes are as high as humanly possible. The characters in these shows have given up on their dreams and any chance of a normal life and are solely concentrated on surviving another day. The object of the game is just to live. In the […]

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May the Force be With You

That has to be one of the most iconic lines of dialogue ever spoken in Cinematic History. It is undeniable that the Star Wars universe has influenced the whole world, despite the few naysayers who don’t like it or have never seen it. Trust me, I know some of them, but I’m keeping their identities […]

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Producer Life

I’m excited to add the role of Creative Producer to my repertoire! This week, I completed my first run as Creative Producer of a Staged Reading at the Blank Theatre in Hollywood. I’m so grateful to have worked with such passionate creatives on, “Roscoe and Willie, A Hollywood Tale.” And in addition to Creative Producing […]

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Couch Potato Chronicles and the Latinapocalypse

March is Women’s History Month where we’re celebrated internationally. What better way to highlight female contributions to society than by watching Couch Potato Chronicles and the emerging Latinapocalypse-where Latinas rule the world after an extinction level event! Check out images from Couch Potato Chronicles and then watch Episode 3 below!

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Couch Potato Chronicles – The Saga Continues

Okay, the title is a bit melodramatic, but what can I say?  I really like this web series and I think you should too! It’s about Television obsession, the Apocalypse, dysfunctional families, tacuaches, ratones, chupacabras and even Richard Dean Anderson too! If you’re in to funny females and all of the above, check out episode […]

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